Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Click here to beginning the application.
No, you can do it in any place with good Internet Connectivity
Your Application Number will be displayed on the first page of your application after you make payment.
Yes, you will not be able to edit your Application after submission because the admission process has been initialized on it

Every stage of your Application is saved. You can close the page and restart it when you have good connectivity.

Your Application Number you used during admission application is very important.
It will be announced by the school authority.
You have just 30 minutes to complete the application online. There may be data lost if more than that.
Step 1: Students to visit the Polytechnic website and login to student Portal by using application/Registration number as username and Payment code given to students as password.

Step 2: Click the description link of the bill to make payment and make payment using “REMITA” to pay.

Step 3: Student is redirected to the payment confirmation page to confirm the total amount debited from students Account (Notification of payment transaction will be sent to the student email address)

Chat with the support peoples online or send mail to or call 09061174978